U.S. Senator Rand Paul talks race, pandemic, government ahead of re-election run

U.S. Senator Rand Paul in Somerset. 05/04/21

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – With his election coming up next year, U.S. Senator Rand Paul is visiting Central and Eastern Kentucky to press the flesh and talk issues. He had plenty to say about the pandemic, government and even race. As usual, Paul didn’t mince words or his displeasure for the way some things have been handled, especially by Democrats.

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“Now everything’s about race,” Paul said. “I’m white and I’m sorry because I’ve been too opinionated, too arrogant and too certain of myself.”

He said people need to stop creating a narrative that America is a terrible place.

“I think we’re a good people,” Paul said. “We’re a prosperous people. We’re getting better.”

Paul also talked about the pandemic and how he feels President Joe Biden is handling it.

“There’s really exciting news out of Washington and you may not have heard this, but coming up on July 4th, three people can get together inside without a mask if they’ve been vaccinated,” Paul said while the crowd laughed. “Do you think we should send President Biden a picture of our lunch today?”

Paul said the science behind the restrictions doesn’t add up.

“We oughta tell people the honest to God truth shouldn’t we? Should we just be honest with people? This is a very deadly disease for older folks and not so much for younger folks,” Paul said.

Speaking to a seemingly supportive audience, Paul also spoke about the pandemic on a local level. He said Governor Andy Beshear overused his power.

“His argument is this: I am the governor and I have inherent powers,” Paul said.

Paul said he’s worried about the Kentucky Supreme Court decision expected this summer on whether Beshear as acted within the constitution.

The senator also talked about Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Paul said his trips to several counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky is to hear what people are most concerned about; he says that bill is among the list, but not the way he says it is written now.

“Reparations isn’t infrastructure,” Paul said. “De-funding the police isn’t infrastructure. Free this, free that isn’t infrastructure.

Some surveys show Paul’s poll numbers lagging ahead of his election run next year.

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