Last week a buffalo, this week an alligator for Animal Control

Dwarf caiman in creek/Hannah Ruth via Facebook

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Most people think Fayette County’s Animal Control officers focus

Fayette County Animal Control/Lt. Jon Moore

on stray dogs and cats and maybe an occasional chicken or two.

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Don’t be fooled. In addition to horses and cows, they get some pretty exotic calls. Last week it was a buffalo.

And Wednesday, it was an alligator. And while it turned out to be a dwarf caiman, it still was a little different for Lt. Jon Moore who fished the three-foot-long reptile out of a creek near Eastland Parkway not far from Winchester Road.

A resident walking their dog spotted the critter in the creek and called for assistance.

Moore got it and has it safely secured until state Fish and Wildlife officers can pick it up Thursday and take it to the State Reptile Sanctuary in Slade, Ky.