Earth Day: Renewable energy at local solar farm


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On this Earth Day, a Kentucky solar power co-op says it’s seeing a bigger interest in renewable energy.

East Kentucky Power Co-op says it’s one of the largest solar farms in Kentucky, with 32,300 solar panels generating enough electricity to meet the needs of 1,000 homes.

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“It’s a renewable source of energy. It’s green energy,” Comer said.

The 60 acre farm has been open for about 3 and a half years.

It says a major benefit of green energy is it’s an affordable option for people.

External Affairs Manager Nick Comer says there are some challenges, “Obviously with a solar farm, cloudy days you’re not making electricity but that’s ok we have other ways to make electricity to back that up. Other than that it’s pretty low maintenance, it works out pretty well.”

He says renewable energy is picking up locally.

Blue Grass Energy is one of 16 electricity cooperatives that own East Kentucky Power.

“Solar is definitely in our future. Renewable energy is definitely something our members have asked for,” Myers said.

Ask and they shall receive, Community Relations Manager Denise Myers says they provide customers the opportunity to license panels in the solar farm.

“Some of our members may live in an apartment or they may live in a house where it’s shady and solar at their property is not a reliable option so offering them the opportunity to license panels in the farm it makes renewable energy available to all of our members,” Myers said.

We’ve been seeing more of a national effort for businesses and others to save energy and go green every day.

Beam Suntory, for example, producer of Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark is working towards cutting its greenhouse gas emissions and water usage in half by 2030.