#LexGiveBack Week kicks off, encourages compassionate giving

'Compassionate Lexington' board member Ashley Brown donated food to her church's 'blessing box.'

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Monday kicked off #LexGiveBack Week. Compassionate Lexington asks everyone to do one thing each day to show compassion to others.

“Our little group in Lexington is just trying to do what it can to make a difference,” board member Ashley Brown said.

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That desire to make an impact led to the creation of Compassionate Lexington – a non-profit whose title says it all.

“Today is ‘Make a Commitment Monday’ and what I’ve chosen to do as my commitment is to get a little bit extra every time I go to the grocery store and then stop and help stock my church’s blessing box.”

Brown is participating in this year’s #LexGiveBack Week. The ‘blessing box’ she stocks with food is free for anyone to use.

“The whole goal of Compassionate Lexington is to make compassion a core value of our city and to encourage people to be really intentional about being compassionate with each other,” Executive Director Kory Wilcoxson said.

He’s also the pastor of Crestwood Christian Church where Brown attends. He says #LexGiveBack Week is so important.

In 2017, Wilcoxson says the Urban County Council voted to make Lexington a compassionate city and now it’s his job to see that through.

“We all have compassion in our hearts,” Wilcoxson said. “We’re trying to find ways to be a conduit to figure out how people can express that.”

Whether it’s mowing a neighbor’s lawn, tipping your waiter more than you normally would, or giving food to the hungry.

“Those kinds of things can go a long way to helping to just make people happier and it’s really come at a time where we have a need for that.”

To see the week-long list of themes for #LexGiveBack Week, click here.