Community members spread autism awareness for Liam Long at courthouse


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – LPD Accountability and Autistics United Kentucky rallied together in front of the court house on Saturday to make the cards and even give the streets and steps a bit of a makeover, with chalk.

Winter Sherman with Autistics United Kentucky says enough is enough and wants police to do better when considering someone’s mental abilities.

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“There was the assault by Donovan Stuart, who was another black autistic teenager in the city. There’s been two cases of this exact same thing and those are just the ones we’ve heard about,” says Sherman.

Sherman says as an autistic person they know how it feels to have police misunderstand mental health.

“I’ve had an encounter with a cop they thought I was on drugs because I was acting autistic,” says Sherman.

Daniel Whitley is the attorney representing the Long family. He believes the solution to this issue comes down to accountability and education.

“It’s a serious issue when we don’t have officers who are not trained to deal with mental health issue it’s a serious issue when they don’t know how to deal with them and they use their force whether it be a club a taser. In the case of Liam Long, a police cruiser,” says Whitley.

Liam’s mom, Kendra who was present at the courthouse says there’s a long road ahead for Liam’s recovery and for any kind of change.

For now, she says she’s focusing on him.

At this time, Liam is still in the hospital.

His family is hoping that he will be home soon.