Teacher of the Week: Nicole Markle, West Jessamine Middle School

Nicole Markle breaks barriers for students.


Jessamine County, Ky. (WTVQ)– The reality is some students face disadvantages, and even barriers, when it comes to succeeding in school. Thankfully in Jessamine County, Nicole markle is the barrier breaker.
“I was trying to come up with a quick way of saying it, but I would describe it as a just in time barrier eliminator.” said Markle.
She describes it a little bit better than I do, but her official title is Director of the Family and Youth Resource Center at West Jessamine Middle School.
“So, I’m bringing all the wraparound services to the school to make sure that there are resources to support the quality of life of our students, and to help eradicate the barriers that allow our students to fully fulfill their potential.” said Markle.
A lot of times the work she does goes unseen, which is why she was shocked to be our teacher of the week, but she is honored to do a job she truly loves.
“I’m not the person that’s supposed to shine. I’m supposed to do whatever I can to help the students shine. I work a lot of behind the scenes, and it is a pleasure for me to do that because I feel like I’m using my gifts.” said Markle.
It’s not just taking care of others’ needs. She also created several clubs for her students to join.
“In hiring me, they knew that I was passionate about gardening and so I started a gardening program here at the school, which has given me energy and also allowed me to recognize that I can’t solve all their problems. But at least I can separate them for a little bit from their problems sometimes, and give kids an environment that gives them a sense of renewal, like it gives me a sense of renewal.” said Markle.
The gardening project allows her students to grow plants while they themselves continue to grow. Markle admits the year has been hard, harder than most in fact. But to her, just knowing that what she does is making an impact is all worth it.
“This whole year has been seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but just keep racing towards it. But, I don’t feel like the light’s getting any closer. So I feel really grateful and honored that someone, I don’t know who it is, is seeing how hard I’m trying and how passionate I am about what I do.” said Markle

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