UPDATE: Cleanup begins Monday from Franklin County Humane Society flood damage



FRANKFORT, Ky (WTVQ) – Franklin County Humane Society is hoping for a speedy cleanup and repair after receiving about a foot of water damage.

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After receiving word of potential flooding, the shelter quickly evacuated their animals.

34 dogs and 24 cats were removed from the shelter and taken in by a handful of other nearby humane societies in the county.

Some animals were taken in by foster homes and a few were even adopted after being evacuated.

On Monday, the shelter will begin the cleanup and repair process.

While they start to make things a little dryer, the board president tells ABC 36 that he would like to see some more animals find a home.

“Whether people can go out and adopt our animals they’re keeping for us or their animals anytime you can rescue an animal it’s a good thing,” says Sam Marcus, the board president of the Franklin County Humane Society.

Since its opening in the sixties, Marcus says the building has flooded at least six times.

The Humane Society hopes it holds up a little longer until they can raise money for a new one.

To adopt or foster one of the animals click here!


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Six days after being forced to evacuate its animals when flood waters threatened its facility, the staff and volunteers now will start cleaning up the Franklin County Human Society in Frankfort.

Clean up will begin Monday, according to the agency.

The Kentucky River has receded from the building, but it left behind lots and lots of mud. The cleaning contractors start first thing Monday. The staff should have a better idea Monday afternoon of when the shelter will be able to start moving back in and what work volunteers can help with, according to Humane Society Board President Sam Marcus.

“We know lots of folks are anxious to help and there will be plenty to do. For now, the shelter remains closed and the best way to reach us is by emailing contact.fchsky@gmail.com ,” Marcus said.

Access to Kentucky Avenue past the curve remains restricted to essential personnel only.


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Franklin County Humane Society is closed because of the threat of flooding at its facility.

The shelter made the decision earlier this week to evacuate because of the possibly of flooding on Kentucky Avenue from the swollen Kentucky River. Woodford Humane, Lexington Humane and Anderson Humane Societies were able to take the animals in FCHS’S facility so no foster homes were needed.

The jail also assisted in setting up a few kennels at Lakeview Park in case more animals need to come into the Humane Society this week. According to the shelter, volunteers helped the move happen in just six hours.

The shelter says it hopes to be back open at the regular location by the weekend.