New Mom Guru Program Provides telehealth and in-person maternal services


A Fayette County Physical Therapist and mom has been providing new moms and moms-to-be maternal services through telehealth before the start of the pandemic.

Now about a year since the first spike of covid-19, founder Ashley Plowman of New Mom Guru says the need has increased by 50%.

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The program provides a special service to moms dealing the physical and emotional burdens of their pregnancies from first trimester to afterbirth.

She says she understood the need after she suffered a traumatic birth injury.

“And I just realized that there was really a gap in women’s healthcare specifically surrounding pregnancy and postpartum,” says Plowman.

In 2019, she started her service which included everything from mental health to special therapies.

“We treat dysfunctions of the pelvis often we will find connections with back pain hip pain core weakness,” explains Plowman.

When she first started the upreach two years ago, she provided virtual visits as a convenience.

A year ago, her venture into telehealth became the norm, even for such traditional in-person services as physical therapy.

Some of her clients, Dana Peddicord and Ashlee Brown say they’re not surprised the need has grown, whether virtually r in-person.

“I feel like a lot of people think well just because I’m pregnant I have to be miserable and it’s not the case. It’s real crucial to take care of yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup,” says Brown.

“And that’s really where Ashley comes in as helping you feel like yourself again and maybe even a better version of yourself because you’re more aware of your body”, continues Peddicord.

Plowman says she expects the changes in the way services are delivered will continue, even as the community tries to end the pandemic.

After all, pregnancy and potential problems haven’t stopped.

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