Receding waters are just the beginning of rebuilding, Booneville says


BOONEVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Flooding in Owsley County devastated hundreds in the City of Booneville.

“One good thing about this community though everybody helps each other,” said Donald Seal.

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The 69-year-old Seal owns the Trustworthy Hardware Store in town, which suffered major flood damage.

Seal says he doesn’t have flood insurance so he’s going to have to start over…on his own dime…but he’s trying to stay positive.

“You look down and it’s devastation, you know you lost your livelihood for awhile, but we didn’t lose any people and we had no injuries, so everything turns out and the good Lord will take care of us,” said Seal.

He says he’s been cleaning for three days now, with volunteers coming out to help.

“I’m looking at probably a couple months before I get back to normal.”

Seal’s store is just one of many businesses and homes the flood affected. And many are still left without water and electricity. It’s a story being told in small towns up and down Eastern Kentucky — flood waters, power outages, water and sewer failures.

And all just days after ice and snow froze in many of the same communities.

Booneville Mayor Nelson Bobrowski was out with fellow volunteers distributing cases of water to those in town.

“Now the clean up begins and people have to rebuild their businesses, their lives and things like that. That is heartbreaking for the people.”

He says they are currently working on getting the water back on for everyone by Friday night, and then will work on the sewer systems and control boxes.

“This thing was record breaking. It wasn’t just a flood, it was the biggest flood this whole region has experienced and these people need help and they need it now,” said Mayor Bobrowski, referring t the near-record water levels reached by the south fork f the Kentucky River.

He says any donations are appreciated and what this area really needs right now is more volunteers and cleaning supplies to help with those cleaning efforts.

He says it will be awhile until Booneville is back to normal.