Flooding impacts across Kentucky


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – First, the ice storm and now, dangerous flood water has overtaken several Kentucky counties. Many are still under water or dealing with what it’s left behind.

“We expected this,” Natasha Lacy, Public Information Officer for District 7 of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), said. “We were prepared, actually, because we knew that after the large snowfall and winter event that we have there would be significant rainfall as well.”

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Lacy says it’s still having a big impact.

“It’s a significant amount,” Lacy said. “That’s why we’re seeing some road closures and also some slides.”

Of the 12 Central Kentucky counties she covers, Lacy says Madison is the hardest hit.

Spokesperson for the KYTC in South Central Kentucky, Amber Hale, says the usual flood prone areas, including Highway 127 through Liberty, are still seeing high water.

“The biggest issue we have whenever we have a situation like this that affects a large area is having enough devices as far as our barrels and our cones and stuff to get those areas blocked off,” Hale said.

Search and Rescue Team Leader John May says Wolfe County is hard hit in the Red River Gorge area, but typically gets off pretty easy when it comes to flooding.

“It comes up quick here, but it goes down quick as well,” May said.

He says several of his neighbors, like in Powell County, are seeing the worst of it.

“We all pull together when something’s going on and they can request mutual aid just like we do of them in many occasions,” May said.

He says he knows how dangerous it can be to rescue someone trapped in flood waters; that’s why May says if you can leave your home before it becomes an island, do so, for everyone’s sake.

“Swift water is scary,” May said. “It scares me because it’s just so many unknowns in it.”

Lacy and Hale both say they’re already seeing some of the high water recede, but only time will tell when all affected areas will be safe and passable.