Poll shows broad support for ban on conversion therapy

Conversion Therapy ban graphic

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Despite a nationwide atmosphere of political polarization a new poll shows an overwhelming bi-partisan majority of Kentuckians agree  it’s time for Kentucky lawmakers to ban the practice of conversion therapy.

The poll, commissioned by Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky, shows that among every age group, demographic, and political affiliation Kentuckians are ready for the Legislature t approve a ban on the dangerous practice of using physical and mental abuse to attempt to change a minor’s sexual orientation.

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Additionally, the poll showed Kentucky voters are more likely to vote for candidates who support banning conversion therapy.

“Those of us who have worked with the victims of conversion therapy have witnessed
irreparable harm to children and we now know a vast majority of Kentuckians want to see
lawmakers ban this barbaric practice,” Tanner Mobley, director of Ban Conversion Therapy
Kentucky. “Studies have shown that 42% of adolescents who undergo conversion therapy
attempt to commit suicide and, if our leaders in Frankfort work together to ban this practice, Kentucky voters will stand behind them.”

The poll surveyed 810 likely Kentucky voters from across the Commonwealth on January 5-7. The results showed Kentucky voters are opposed to conversion therapy for LGBT youths.  Among the results:
● 74% of likely voters oppose allowing children and teens under 18 to undergo conversion
therapy that conversion therapy
● 52% over likely voters say that they are much more or somewhat more likely to vote for
candidates who support banning conversion therapy, compared to only 19% who say
they are less likely.
● 63% of all Kentucky women and 52% of all Kentucky men support a law banning
conversion therapy.

“There’s no room for partisanship when it comes to protecting vulnerable young people.
These poll results confirm what we’ve known all along,” said Representative Lisa
Willner, who is a primary bill sponsor of the legislation to ban conversion therapy in
Kentucky. “Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, we all agree that our children
must be protected from these dangerous and discredited practices. I’m looking forward
to working with colleagues across the aisle this session to pass the Youth Mental Health
Protection Act in 2021, and put an end to this psychological torture in Kentucky.”

“These results only reaffirm the importance of this legislation,” said Representative Kim
Banta, who is also a primary sponsor of the legislation to ban conversion therapy in the
Kentucky House of Representatives. “Banning the practice of conversion therapy on
minors is a necessity and the majority of Kentuckians agree. We’ve established the
facts, we know it is Constitutional, and it is past time we move forward.”

“Republicans and Democrats, evangelicals and Catholics, men and women all agree,
it’s time to help protect all Kentucky children,” said Michael Frazier, Legislative Action
and Government Affairs Director for Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky. “I hope that
we’re close to the last child in Kentucky being forced to undergo conversion therapy and
our leaders in Frankfort should make that happen during this year’s legislative session.
Not only is it the right and just thing to do but Kentucky voters will thank them.”