Fayette County Schools remains virtual through most of January


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Students in Fayette County aren’t going to be returning to the classroom anytime soon. The school board decided Tuesday evening for about the next two weeks class, will remain virtual.

When Fayette County students start school again Thursday, it’ll be on the computer. It’ll stay there even into next week when there was the possibility they could return to class.

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The board said it’s picking virtual over in-person based on data on the spread of covid-19 in the community.

“We know that this is not the decision that some students and families and community members, teachers, it’s not the decision we were hoping for or wanting,” said Marlene Helm, FCPS Acting Superintendent. “However, the data tells us that this is our best route at this particular time.”

The state recommended students don’t return to class in-person until at least January 11. But remote learning in Fayette county will continue through at least until January 22.

Next Tuesday, there will be another meeting to discuss whether or not in-person learning can resume, starting on January 25.

When in-person learning begins, not every student will be allowed to return right away. Instead, it will be a graduated return starting with kindergarten through second grade.

Some parents are okay with the decision saying on our ABC 36 Facebook page, in part, “due to my daughter’s health and the risk that it puts her in, neither of my kids will return to in-person,” said FCPS parent.

While other parents are pleading with the school system to let their child return.
In part, “please open back up,” ADHD Amanda Patrick, FCPS parent. “If you are nervous, keep your kids home. My kids with adhd are severely struggling and not learning at all! As a single mother, I have to choose between working or staying home to supervise.”

The school board said it’ll keep families updated.