Jessamine County 911 using new app to help locate you in emergency


NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new partnership could help Jessamine County first responders save more lives.

Dispatchers in the county say they’re now working with a company called What3words to better find exactly where you are in an emergency.

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“If we don’t know where you are, we can’t get you help,” Buchanan said.

What3words is an app, dispatchers like Megan Buchanan use when the caller doesn’t know the address or is unsure exactly where they are.

“We have a lot of outdoor activities here in Jessamine County that we’re very proud of and we’ve had some incidents where people have gotten lost while canoeing down the river or that have gotten lost while hiking in different areas,” Buchanan said.

When people call 911, the dispatcher may get a location from their phone that could be between 50-300 meters off, depending on the technology.

Buchanan says this won’t replace the way dispatchers normally track you, it’ll just help pinpoint a more accurate location.

“They have mapped off the entire globe. Everywhere in the world has a 10 foot by ten foot square and each place has three individual words and that gets us within ten feet hopefully of where you’re at,” Buchanan said.

She says it’s a very easy program to use and is incredibly helpful.

Buchanan says this partnership could be the difference that helps first responders save more lives.

So who’s paying for the program? No one. Jessamine county 9-1-1 says What3words is free.