UPDATE: ‘Brewed’ open within state’s guidelines

Source: Brewed/Facebook

UPDATE: (12/14/2020, 11 A.M.) – According to the Fayette County Health Department, ‘Brewed’received their permit from the health department and are open within the state’s guidelines.

UPDATE: (12/2/20, 5 P.M.) – The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department posted the court-ordered $5,000 bond Wednesday afternoon and a judge officially filed an injunction against ‘Brewed’ and its owner, Andrew Cooperrider for violations of the state’s coronavirus-related mandate against in-person inside dining at bars and restaurants.

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Cooperride said Wednesday evening he will now operate as a venue, which would restrict the number of people inside, all who would be required to wear masks. It would not allow serving food and drinks.

It’s the same rules Rupp Arena is operating under.

Operating as a venue and compliance could open a new set of legal issues in the case, even before Fayette County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Travis takes up the formal legal issues involved in the case leading to the injunction.

If Cooperrider is determined to be in violation of the injunction, he could be held in contempt of court which could land him in jail or fined.

During a court hearing Monday, Cooperrider and his attorney had suggested they might pursue the venue option.

UPDATE: (12/2/20, 10 A.M.) – Following an emergency injunction late Tuesday ordering a Lexington coffee shop to close, Brewed remains open.

Owner Andrew Cooperrider spoke with ABC 36 and said the bond hasn’t been paid which means the order is not yet in effect. Until then, Cooperrider says he plans to continue operating until it is.

On social media, Brewed shared a post Tuesday thanking people for their support. The post on Instagram also contains an image of a shirt available for purchase.

The link accompanying the shirt directs people to a website that says, “The first revolution started with tea…the next starts with coffee. Brewed in Lexington Kentucky stands for all who demand individual rights be respected.”

Several comments on the post contain mixed feelings.

An account by christopherisix, shared the comment, “Some of us lost family members due to the covid 3rd wave. But sure, profit off the politicization of pandemic prevention.”
Another comment by whatsthedillpickl450 reads in part, “I stand behind you… Stand strong.”
This is a developing story. Check back with ABC 36 for updates.
Source: Instagram/BrewedLex

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Fayette County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Travis issued an emergency injunction late Tuesday ordering a defiant Lexington business owner to abide by health department rules by not serving food and drinks inside his eatery.

Travis’ decision came after a hearing Monday afternoon in whether ‘Brewed’ and its owner, Andrew Cooperrider, were in violation of state coronavirus orders.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department had sued for an emergency injunction to force the business to stop serving food and drinks until it abides by the state’s order banning indoor dining.

Cooperrider has opened a garage door at his business partially and argued it met guidelines for outdoor seating. The health department disagreed, resulting in the legal battle.

The court battle stemmed from a Nov. 24 visit by health department inspectors that bordered on confrontational with customers who support Cooperrider’s fight.

The injunction orders him to stop serving food and drinks inside until a hearing can be held on the overall merits of the case.