Protest in Frankfort calls for Kentucky to re-open

protest in Frankfort 11/28/20

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been one week into new restrictions from Governor Andy Beshear. Protesters gathered at the state capitol Saturday afternoon, calling for the restrictions to be lifted.

Speakers have the same message they had during the first round of restrictions, re-open Kentucky. This despite Beshear saying it’s not a shutdown.

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They say Beshear’s recent order to close indoor dining is hurting small businesses and leaving people unemployed.

“The whole climate in our world right now is so hopeless, so when I come my goal is to be a voice of hope,” says Kimberly Turner.

Protesters say they know COVID-19 is a real threat, but say taking away personal choices is its own kind of threat.

“Each one of us needs to take it in our own self, if you’re sick stay home – just like with the flu, just like with anything else,” says Patricia Oliver with Constitutional Kentucky. “It’s common sense.”

Gerry James says he’s been going to the rallies for a while now to understand their perspective. He says he’s disheartened because it shouldn’t be about one side or the other, but rather a sense of togetherness in a time struggle.

“There seems to not be a heart for understanding the totality of Kentucky,” says James. “There’s like – what I’ve discovered in my findings – there’s like two Kentucky’s, and I really wish everyone would come together and understand everyone’s struggles.”

Speakers say businesses pan to re-open in defiance on December 1.