Coffee shop faces closure after visit from Health Department


LEXINGTON, KY. (WTVQ) – A local coffee shop is facing closure after the Health Department stopped by and told them they were going against regulations set by Governor Beshear.

The owner says he can’t afford to shut down his business, he needs to pay his bills.

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“I’m a millionaire, now I’m on food stamps,” Brewed Owner Andrew Cooperrider opened up his Lexington coffee shop Tuesday like any other day but by the time a group of people stopped in and sat down, he was having a conversation with someone from the Health Department.

He says she came in for a routine inspection, but then told him he’s not following new COVID restrictions.

“If no ones ever been in our space before, we have a bay door and so we crack that bay door. creating just as much airflow as you get with these outdoor tents that you see outside of other places,” Cooperrider said.

He says the department told him to have everyone leave immediately, when he refused, a sign was posted on the front door saying the establishment is closed and he was told the police would be involved

“We can’t afford to do this. I mean me and my family are already working here from open to close so we can afford our labor. we just can’t afford to close.”

He says he already lost one of his businesses in the first round of shutdowns. He believes every restaurant should be able to make their own choices.

Overall, he says he still has a lot of questions and didn’t get any answers from the health department.

“No one can tell me why I can go to a bowling alley but I can’t come here. Nobody can tell me why I can go to a grocery store, go to Walmart or Kroger but sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee is the end of the world,” Cooperrider said.

The Health Department says it’s enforcing the new rules by suspending the coffee shop’s food permit.

“Am I incurring fines every day I stay open? What are the consequences for these actions? I don’t know,” Cooperrider said.

Kevin Hall with the Health Department says besides Brewed, the Health Department has issued one citation with a fine since Friday at the Marathon on Bryan Station.