How are tents different from indoor seating? One restaurant explains


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Several restaurants in Lexington put up tents or expanded existing tents on Friday to try to keep customers while following new orders to stop seating people indoors.

Some people have asked how a tent is different than sitting inside?  Rita Kraynak, a manager at Coles 735 Main in Lexington says the restaurant’s gazebo, which has always been a part of the restaurant, is now semi-enclosed.

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“The top of our gazebo is actually open.  It is enclosed so rain isn’t there, but we do have a little roof and overlay on that,” Kraynak says.

She also says the tent curtains in the gazebo are unzipped halfway, allowing air to flow.

Kraynak says the restaurant put up its tent in July, unknowingly preparing for the new mandate handed down by the governor this week.

“That was probably the best thing that we could have done for us,” Kraynak says. “Really, people had requested that more than they had inside previous to the shutdown again.”

The tent is completely open on one side.

The tent and gazebo both have heaters.

“There is a little bit of a draft at your ankles, but I think for what it’s worth, if you’re willing to come out and dine out, it really is quite a cozy environment,” Kraynak says. Maybe, just bring an extra jacket or something.”

John Corn, out to dinner with his wife Friday night, says he feels safe and appreciates all the effort restaurants have made. He urges everyone to give their support.

“We’ve been through this once,” Corn says. “We’ll make it through again, and wish them all the best of luck.”

Kraynak says the restaurant, and others, will need all the support they can get, especially with colder weather around the corner.

“We’re all in it together,” Kraynak says. “We will all get through it together.”