Trick-or-Treating pandemic-style


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Trick or Treating is yet another thing done a little differently in 2020, but some families in Lexington have adjusted well.

Witches, fairies, princesses and more walked the Kenwick neighborhood showing off their festive costumes, and filling their baskets to the brim

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“We’re excited about Halloween! We’ve been excited about trick or treating. We had enough candy before we started,” says Andy Hightower, standing beside his children, Mary and James. “Yeah, we have like a million, thousand candies,” says Mary.

“They don’t need all that candy,” says David Hempy jokingly, standing beside his children Oscar and Kindele.

This year Mayor Linda Gorton limited trick or treating from 6-8 p.m. and asked trick or treaters to stay with their families and within their own neighborhood, socially distance, wear a mask, and use contactless methods to pass out candy, such as candy tables and even candy chutes.

One trick or treater says at least it makes for less work.

“You don’t have to walk for miles up the stairs,” says Josie, standing next to Annie, Coco and Isabel.

The girls says they wish they could be with friends, but despite the changes, they say it’s impossible not to love Halloween.

“I mean it’s a holiday about candy,” Coco says. “You eat candy every day,” Josie chimes in.

Mark Richards has lived in the neighborhood for a year and it’s his first Halloween. He says it felt good to safely pass out candy, put a smile on kid’s faces, and put their parents at ease.

“This is a spirited neighborhood and everybody’s together on this and making it work,” Richard says.

One trick or treater had one message he wants everyone to remember.

“Eat your candy,” Oscar says.” It’s more important than an actual food.”