Scott County Superintendent defends decision to continue in-person learning


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Scott county Schools’ superintendent is justifying his decision to go against the governor’s new recommendations for counties with high coronavirus case numbers.

The governor recommends counties in the red zone on the state’s COVID-19 map go back to virtual learning.

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Scott County Superintendent Kevin Hub says even though his county is red right now, he’s choosing to keep kids in class based on the local health department and school district data rather than the state’s map.

Hub says more than half of Scott County Schools have yet to report a single positive case and therefore the data he’s seeing means in-person learning isn’t contributing to coronavirus spread in the county.

“We’re not dismissing the recommendation of the governor as a matter of fact, we’re taking that recommendation very seriously,” Hub said. “But we’re also taking advantage of local control, we are using data to make a decision, and we know there are 9,000 students and staff in Scott County every day. If we’re in person, I know for sure that they are wearing their masks that they’re washing their hands, and that they are avoiding large groups.”

He also adds students and families have the choice on how they want to learn and can change from in-person to virtual, or vice versa, at any point. All a family needs to do is contact their principal.