Paris restaurant trying to predict Presidential election

Lil's Coffee Place is selling Trump and Biden cookies.


PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ)– When it comes to predicting the winner of Presidential elections, there are many different attempt, methods and theories…not to mention polls.

Could be a squirrel eating nuts, or maybe based off the height of the Presidential candidates, with only eight candidates who are taller having lost since 1900.

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Now Lil’s Coffee House in Paris, Kentucky is cooking up something of their own.

“It’s just a fun thing rather than the doom and gloom,” owner Lyra Miller said, describing her idea to bake Biden and Trump election cookies as a fun way to gauge non-scientific election polling.

“We made 50 cookies and sold out the first day,” said Miller.

She admits she got the idea from a bakery in Pennsylvania that has predicted the last three elections based on which candidate cookie sold more. She hoped it would be something fun for the community.

“Some are buying for themselves, some are buying for people who won’t appreciate it, but they’re just sticking them to it. Everyone is talking,” said Miller.

And so far it has been fun, and she says no matter the candidate, everyone can rally behind cookies.

“That’s what we’re all about community, and we’d love for our politicians to work together, but everyone is enjoying our cookies,” Miller observed.

As for the prediction so far?

“Trump is up two to one,” said Miller.

And yes, they are planning on doing this again in 2024, with some minor adjustments.

“Yes I’m planning. We’ll just start a week earlier,” said Miller.