Maggie’s Light LLC offering comfort to grieving families


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – A non-profit organization is trying to shine some pink and blue light on the month of October.

Although pregnancy and infant loss awareness month is coming to an end, 1 in 4 women continue to suffer from a pregnancy loss.

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“My husband and I had a full-term stillbirth and her name was Maggie,” Founder and President of Maggie’s Light LLC said.

1 in 100 women will have a stillbirth, that’s 26,000 babies in the U.S.

Emily Turner created Maggie’s Light, to help families who will go through the same difficult experience she went through.

“We had a textbook pregnancy. It was great, it was our first child. We have a son from my husband’s first marriage, but we were just really excited and then when tragedy struck, we didn’t know what to do,” Turner said.

Maggie’s Light LLC is a Scott County-based non-profit organization, its mission is to provide support to families who have lost a child, no matter the age.

Maggie’s Light has donated four cuddle cots to Kentucky hospitals.

Many of the families the organization comforts have experienced a pregnancy or neonatal loss, that’s why it wants to provide every hospital in Kentucky a cuddle cot for families to use during their tragedy.

So what exactly is a cuddle cot?

“The cuddle cot is a cooling bed. It has a cooling pad and then you lay a mattress over top of it,” Board Member Jessica Barnette said.

The system cools the baby allowing the family the gift of time. It cools to an ideal temperature for preserving the baby, and there’s no discomfort for the parents.

The non-profit also partners with hospitals to provide Maggie’s kits and miscarriage kits for families. These kits contain special keepsakes and materials to help with the grief process.

“Every patient that I’ve ever dealt with has been very grateful of the kit and very grateful of the support,” Barnette said.

Maggie’s Light wants parents who have lost a child to know they are not alone.