Some haunted houses open despite state recommendation


NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – At the beginning of this month, Governor Andy Beshear and Kentucky Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said that haunted houses shouldn’t open during the pandemic, and if they did, people shouldn’t go to them because of the potential to spread the coronavirus.

However, that hasn’t stopped several from opening, or people from going to them.

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“People come here to have fun and I think we should still be able to do that,” says Mandalynn Jackson, who attended Wicked World Scaregrounds Haunted House on Friday night. “We just need to do what’s right.”

The line was filled with excited people. Everyone was wearing a mask and temperatures were checked, but not all were six feet apart in line.

People say they feel coronavirus safety precautions are necessary.

“I think they’re mandatory and need to follow them and it’s good that we get to experience stuff like this,” Jackson says.

“People can have fun, but they just gotta be careful what they do and have their masks on at all times like they’re supposed to,” Ronald Roberson says.

Wicked World Scaregrounds’ website says groups are limited to 6 people or less, masks are required, and social distancing is enforced inside.

Two thrill seekers say they’ve been to another haunted house in the state and are making their rounds.

“With everything going on, it seems like there won’t be a lot of, I guess, excitement as previous years, but there is,” says Ernie Akins, standing beside Tera Padgett. “Just take precautions. Wear your mask. Do what you’re supposed to do and you’re going to have as much fun as if nothing’s going on.”

The pair says the scare actors at the haunted house they visited before didn’t jump out directly at them; instead, they kept their distance and jumped at nearby walls.

“Trying to just keep everybody safe and have fun,” Padgett says.

During Beshear’s coronavirus briefing October 1, Stack said haunted houses aren’t a good idea this year.

“People are shouting and screaming and people are jumping at you,” Stack said. “That is exactly how someone screams and sprays coronavirus in the air and infects someone else and other people go through there and the same employee comes back day after day and before you know it, you’ve infected a lot of folks.”

Management at Wicked Worlds Scaregrounds says it didn’t have time to talk because it’s the haunted house’s busiest weekend of the year.