Golden Care Provider: A granddaughter’s bond bigger than a fish story

Madie Davis and her grandfather didn't always get along, but in his last days she was by his side.


DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) –  “He loved to fish, he was hilarious, oh, he was so funny, sometimes inappropriately so, but boy was he funny none the less,” said Madie Davis about her grandfather.

Fishing is a hobby that takes a lot of patience. Sometimes relationships can be the same way. For Davis, a fish story became something much more in what is this weeks Golden Care Provider special story.

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“I don’t know we got along, but we both had very bold personalities and sometimes that would clash,” said Davis.

Madie Davis and her grandfather, Vernon, or ‘Toots’ as most called him, didn’t always see eye to eye. Their relationship had lots of ups and downs just like the bobber on her grandpa’s fishing pole, in fact that’s where Madie says it started.

“We went fishing one time and I crossed his fishing line and he was super mad, I mean he put down his pole and went up to the house and said if you can’t do it right you can’t do it at all. And I was like ok, I’m sorry, I was young I mean I was 8 or 9 at this point,” said Davis.

Despite how much they loved each other, that little incident on the water always seemed to linger.

“He would send things to my sister in the mail like fishing supplies and fishing hats and things like that and he wouldn’t send me anything because he was still mad at me for that, he said he wasn’t mad at me later on in life but I know that he was,” said Davis.

In 2018, her grandpa began to have some health issues. He was moved back to Kentucky from Florida.

“He wasn’t able to walk anymore, he suffered from a stroke prior and began to go downhill again,” said Davis about her grandpa’s failing health.

Just like fishing sometimes, it takes the perfect conditions, and a little luck, to get that big catch. Madie was able to visit her grandfather every day at the Danville Centre, every day for more than a year she would spend time.

“I was able to be there and be with him and eat ice cream and take him places,” said Davis.

Her grandfather died in December 2019, but not before he got to see Madie get married. A relationship healed. In fact, Vernon’s two prized possessions now hang on Madie’s wall, per his request.

“I don’t really love the whole mounted fish thing, but they’re up,” said Davis.

Who would have thought a love would grow bigger than the fish stories shared?

“He really was like my best friend there in the end,” said Davis.