National Transfer Student Week helps prepare for the move to a four year college


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – When you hear the term, “junior college transfer,” you probably think sports, but transfers are becoming increasingly important for students, community colleges and universities.

BCTC student Kayla Bush is one of many taking part in National Transfer Student Week, as she preps to move to a four year college.

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Almost 50 different universities are available virtually to talk to potential transfers.

“This is like one of the most amazing things ever actually because you don’t really get that anywhere else,” Bush said.

BCTC says over 1,000 students transfer every year and the school isn’t sad about losing them, rather proud.

Corey Mullikin is now a senior at EKU after starting at BCTC.

“You know sometimes there’s the whole I thought this would transfer and it didn’t but typically it just takes a little bit of work and they get it all sorted out,” Mullikin said.

Director of Transfer Admissions at UK, Sara Price says starting at a junior college means less expensive tuition, smaller class sizes, and more one on one time with faculty.

She says it’s all to prepare students for larger universities.