Breast cancer survivor telling others to trust their instincts


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A woman diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago is now working to raise awareness about getting tested and trusting instincts.

Alana Cottrill says she found a lump in her breast in July 2019 and was told it was probably nothing.

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She says doctors didn’t think she fit the bill for having breast cancer because she was only 30-years-old, worked out often, didn’t smoke or drink, and had no family history of the disease.

Months later, she went back and asked for a diagnostic mammogram because she felt something wasn’t right and the lump wasn’t going away.

Cottrill says her self-advocacy is why she’s still here today. She held a yoga event Saturday to raise awareness, in collaboration with ‘Sweat Fitness Studio,’ and she hopes it helps others develop the same self-awareness.

“I am standing and preaching to the rooftops – do your self exams – trust your gut,” Cottrill says. “Even if your healthcare provider tells you that they think that it’s nothing – if your gut is telling you something’s wrong with your body, nobody knows your body better than you do.”

Posh Salon held a Cut-a-Thon in support of Cottrill last year. The salon is hosting another one for one of its employees who was recently diagnosed with the disease.

It’s happening on October 25 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. All nail services and haircut costs will go to the employee.