Unsightly trash prompts new regulations by city

Mt. Sterling says trash scenes like this prompted new ordinance and rules for trash disposal and handling/Mt. Sterling Facebook

MT. STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ) – Careless residents have prompted a crackdown on trash and trash collection by Mt. Sterling city leaders.

Effective Oct. 1, 2020, the city’s new regulations for storage, handling, collection, and disposal of trash for city residents and property owners will take effect, according to the city’s Facebook page.

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Some of the new provisions include:

– All trash should be placed in container or in a sealed bag for collection. Containers and bags should be air-tight, fly-tight, and water-proof.

– Trash for collection should be placed curbside or directly beside a city street, or in a designated collection area identified by the city or trash collection franchise holder.

– Trash and containers may not be placed on sidewalks in such a manner to block pedestrians from using a sidewalk. Trash should not be placed in or on a street or road where it creates a hazard for vehicle traffic.

– Currently, trash collection is on Friday. Trash should be placed out beside the street or road no more than 24 hours before scheduled pickup (place out for collection on Thursday). All containers used to store or collect trash should be removed from the side of the street or from the designated collection area no later than 24 hours after collection (no later than Saturday, containers should be removed from the side of the street).

– Trash or containers placed out for collection may not be placed on property other than their own or where they reside.

Residents and property owners shall be notified of any violations and provided a notice to correct the violation for all initial offenses, according to the city.

Failure to address the notice of violation may result in a penalty or fine, which will be determined and assessed by the Code Enforcement Board, the city said.

The full ordinance can be viewed at https://mtsterling.ky.gov/Gove…/Pages/Codeenforcement.aspx.

Residents with questions can contact City Hall at (859)498-8725.