Black men in horse racing industry honored in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – African Cemetery Number Two in Lexington, in partnership with Phoenix Rising, held an event this evening honoring Black men in the horse racing industry.

About 100 people were there as coordinator Yvonne Giles says five men were given awards, four of which are still active in the industry.

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One of them, Greg Harbut, had a horse in this year’s Kentucky Derby. He is the first Black man to have one entered in years.

Giles says another was honored for being the first Black Racing Commissioner in Kentucky in the 70’s.

Reinette Jones was also awarded for her work on a database on Black people in the horse racing industry.

She says this history has to be taught.

“It’s important that we tell this story about our past generations so that you understand our complete history – not just the parts that are in the written books,” says Giles.

She says 159 men who were involved in the horse racing industry are buried at African Cemetery Number Two.