Back to school clothes might look a little different, but in reality maybe not?


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Back to school doesn’t mean back to the bus this year to show off a snazzy new outfit.

But is it still important to dress for success?

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“I think it just helps with the overall feeling that they’re in school,” Kaitlan Terry said.

Kaitlan Terry’s daughter Harper is a second grader in Fayette County.

At her school, families got some success guidelines, including what to wear.

“I was a little surprised by that, I mean I wasn’t planning on putting my kids in her pajamas every single day, but I didn’t necessarily think that there was going to be…having to follow the dress code,” Terry said.

Fayette County Public Schools don’t have a district-wide dress code, but the district’s spokeswoman tells me schools can create their own guidelines. And for dress codes, it’s more of a suggestion.

So far, Harper doesn’t seem to mind.

“I picked out my outfit today because I just really love this outfit and I love the color pink,” Harper said.

School starts next week in Georgetown where Eloise Ferrell is prepping her kids for virtual class.

“You can work in your pajamas and still be just as productive,” Ferrell said.

The mom of four says during a pandemic, keep it simple.

“It’s hard enough to get them out of bed and away from the TV. If you’re gonna put a lot of restrictions on what they can or cannot wear you’re just complicating things,” Ferrell said.

Scott County’s Superintendent, Kevin Hub, EdD, says there’s a general idea pj’s aren’t ideal, but there isn’t a district dress code.

“We certainly don’t want to add any stressors to our families,” Hub said.

And if you’re like the Ferrell family…

“I’m excited to go back to school, but I’m not too excited that I can’t wait,” Sean Ferrell, the youngest Ferrell, said.

There are definitely some ups and downs of virtual school, but having some extra pup snuggles while you learn is always a good thing in my book.