Tiny Homes: From a ‘wish’ comes a dream and a solution


HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A random comment — almost a wish — more than a year ago is turning into an innovative project to provide hands-on job experience and address a serious community problem at the same time.

The Kentucky Awakening Mosaic is partnering with Harlan County, Ky. and the Building Institute of Central Kentucky to provide tiny homes for The Village of Hope.

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While dining at the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in Lexington, in early 2019, Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley told the group of the heart-wrenching plight of homeless students in Harlan County, Kentucky. Mosley proposed building a Village of Hope filled with tiny homes to house the struggling students.

Members of the group were so moved, they decided to act upon what they had heard.

Collectively, they pledged to build the tiny homes and make the Village of Hope a reality.

According to Mosley, Harlan County has approximately 1,100 students attending the county high school and almost half are considered either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

A group called Kentucky Awakening Mosaic, led by Evangelist Rick Curry, is a solution based group of leaders coming together for a greater cause. In this instance, the greater cause is housing for the at-risk students in Harlan County.

The solution was to provide a safe place for these high school students to complete their education and to springboard into successful careers.

It’s called the Village of Hope.

The Village of Hope is 10-acre site developed to accommodate up to 100 tiny homes. Currently, four tiny houses have been built and five additional tiny homes are in various stages of construction.

The five houses were delivered this summer to The Building Institute of Central Kentucky for the installation of the mechanical systems – HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

The Building Institute of Central Kentucky is an evening program and the actual students at the school will be doing the work on the tiny houses under the instructor’s supervision.

Bruce Maybriar, the Director of the school, is excited for his students to learn the importance of helping others as well as gaining additional practical experience. The
students at the Building Institute have committed to having the tiny homes completed by November 2020.