K Week: Freshman welcome week has kicked off


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – K Week has officially kicked off for Freshman at UK but it looks much different than it has in years past.

College freshman have had an out of the ordinary experience for the end of their senior year of high school because of the coronavirus and now a different kind of experience starting their freshman year.

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The welcome week goes until Monday and it’s meant to help freshman and transfer students feel at home on campus before classes start.

This year there are different plans in place to take extra precautions for students, there are some virtual options, social distancing is enforced when it can be and masks are required.

Keeley Goldberg is a freshman at UK and she says school staff are doing what they can to make them feel welcome and safe.

“Honestly the mask doesn’t bother me. Of course, it’s a little bit of a pain when you’re walking in and out of places, you forget it. That’s the worst, you forget your mask and you can’t go anywhere but I feel great. I’m just happy I’m here because I just want a normal college life and of course, there’s some precautions I have to take but other than that I’m just happy to be here,” Goldberg said.

The freshman induction ceremony starts at 8 on Thursday night and it’s the first main event, next will be the campus ruckus that takes place at Kroger Field Friday night.