Group behind white power flyers says they’re not hateful, Rabbi disagrees


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Over the weekend some people in Central Kentucky received white supremacy flyers at their homes.

Lexington Rabbi Shlomo Litvin reacted on Facebook and Monday says he got a phone call from the group behind the flyers, 14 First The Foundation.

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“Both things are an attempt to intimidate our community,” Rabbi Litvin said.

White power flyers and a phone call to the rabbi after he spoke out about the fliers message.
The flyer says “Blood and soil blood and soil…Jews will not replace us…Blacks will not replace us…Mexicans will not replace us…We stand in defense of the white Aryan men and women stand up.”

ABC 36’s Monica Harkins gave the number on the bottom of the flyer a call.

Ronald Murray the Vice President of 14 First The Foundation picked up.

He says the flyers aren’t hateful.

“That is a byproduct of the abundance of love. I am a firm believer that wants you to have an abundance of love for them for their culture, where they come from and be so devoted to making the service better, that it automatically appears as though his hatred towards others when it’s not hatred. It’s indifference,” he said.

Rabbi Litvin disagrees.

“That this country currently belongs to people who are being replaced by Jews, people of color, anything else is ridiculous,” Litvin said.

Rabbi litvin countered by putting out flyers in the Lexington-area with messages of validation and love. Something Murray says he heard about and called the Rabbi because the letters reportedly were put in mailboxes.

“This shows where they think that they are in the social structure that they are above, everybody else, beyond reproach. And they’re not,” Murray said.

Murray told Rabbi Litvin he had Jewish privilege.

“I can easily say that my Jewish privilege includes not knowing where all my great grandparents were born, but knowing where they all died. As the vast majority of my extended family was wiped out in the holocaust,” he said.

Rabbi Litvin says instead of focusing on the negative he is refocusing on the positive. Chabad of the Bluegrass is preparing online education about Judiasm that will be available to everyone.

Meanwhile,ABC 36’s Monica Harkins asked Murray if he’s ever met a Jewish person. Here’s the exchange.

Murray:”Oh I’ve met several.”

Harkins: “Are are any of them, considered someone that you’ve had more than one conversation with?”

Murray: “I’ve had multiple conversations with many.

Harkins: “And it’s your, you haven’t had an inkling of compassion or friendship for any of them?

Murray: “No.”


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