Ky. Small business says unreliable mail delivery could cause them to go under


MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Central Kentucky business owner says she’s worried she might go out of business, not because people aren’t buying from her during this pandemic, but because the mail is so unreliable in getting her products to customers.

“We can’t let our mail fail because if it fails, we fail,” Charlotte Meadows said.

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Once a store in mount sterling, Little Dreamers Reborn Nursery and Doll Supply, has been forced online, like so many other small businesses during this pandemic.

Co-owner Charlotte Meadows says Little Dreamers is part of a niche community of kids and collectors who want life-like dolls. 

Little Dreamers creations have even appeared on ABC’s The Good Doctor as props in the nursery.

Now, after finding success Meadows says she’s scared her company could fail because her packages, carry hundreds of dollars of items, aren’t always arriving to the customer.

“We can’t constantly try to make up for a problem that we didn’t cause,” Meadows said.

She says she sends priority through her local post office, but her packages often get stuck somewhere along the way before getting to the customer’s address.

Like an order from July, she had to refund the customer’s money because it’s still not there.

“We lost the $220 and if the product is not returned back to us, we’ve lost another $200. You see what i’m saying, we’ve lost again,” she said.

There’s no room for error. 

“One terrible feedback will destroy a small business like us,” Meadows said.

The Post Office says shipping has increased almost 50 percent since last year and it seems likely to continue because of coronavirus. 

A statement in response to meadows’ complaints says in part, “we are flexing our available resources to match the workload created by the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and some other staffing issues.”

USPS also says it’s hiring and customers can reach out to customer service for help.

Something Meadows says she’s tried several times, but continued delivery trouble, on top of covid-slowed business, could cause her to lose everything.

“But we’re just two little moms, trying to flourish and make this great business, and it’s hard when you have a lot of things against you,” she said.

She mails priority, so she can be a priority, but she says even that isn’t enough right now.

“I put 110% constantly into this business, it would be terrible to lose it,” she said.



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