Beshear says Taylor probe taking too long, offers other updates


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The investigation in Louisville into the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor is taking too long, Gov. Andy Beshear said Thursday in response to a question from the media duribg his daily briefing.

“It’s taking too long on the investigation side and it;s taking too long on the review side,” Beshear aid, referring to the lack of information that has come out from city leaders and the department.

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“There may be a reason, there may be some things they want to check, but those reasons should be explained, at least tell the public…it creates a vacuum where there is no information…people will fill that vacuum with emotions,” Beshear stated. “At least explain the process.”

He also said school districts should do everything they can to allow teachers to work from home and not return to school in cases where districts are opening with 100 percent online education.

“It is my strong request that districts try to find other ways…there are ways now to make sure your teachers and staff are being effective and efficient,” the governor said in response to a question about some teacher frustrations.

“Maybe there are cases where people need to be in the building” but districts shouldn’t rely on the old adage of :that’s the way we’ve always done it,” he stated.

He also repeated his thoughts on the inability of Congress to settle on another round of coronavirus-related assistance, noting lawmakers should extend unemployment benefits, whether “it’s $400 or $600” and provide financial assistance to state and local governments, whether it’s increased flexibility to spend previously received dollars or new funding.

“If they don’t, we are going to see the worst recession…if they want it to be short, they’ve got t act,” he said of members of congress.

The state’s prison system is making progress on getting coronavirus outbreaks under control, Executive Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown said during the governor’s daily briefing Thursday.

“To date, system-wide, we’ve had 844 positive cases with inmates and 136 with our employees. But we’ve also had 560 inmates recover and 87 employees recover, leaving today 49 active employee cases and 284 active inmate cases,” said Secretary Brown.

Unfortunately, 10 DOC inmates have died from complications due to the coronavirus.

For more information on Department of Corrections cases and facilities, click here.

LaTasha Buckner, the governor’s chief of staff and general counsel, also offered updates on some executive orders related to the coronavirus.

Among them is a reminder that Secretary of Transportation Jim Gray issued an order for two emergency actions that help limit in-person traffic at driver’s licensing offices:

  1. There is a 90-day rolling extension of expiration dates for driver’s licenses whose printed expiration date was March 16 to July 6.
  2. Kentuckians must use mail or a clerk’s drop box for renewal or replacement of standard operator’s licenses, permits and ID cards that expire(d) between March 1 to Sept. 30 and do not require testing for renewal.

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Buckner also announced Beshear signed an executive order extending previous orders allowing pharmacists to dispense 30-day refills. This order will be in effect until Sept. 5 and is subject to renewal.

“Pharmacists in any Kentucky county can dispense emergency refills for up to 30 days on medicines that are not controlled substances to residents of any Kentucky county,” said Buckner. “You can get multiple 30-day refills. The order allows people to be healthy at home and still get the medicine they need.”