Community leaders host first racial justice and equality town hall meeting


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – “Equal access, balance and opportunities,” those are some of the changes co-chair Latoi Mayo says the mayor’s commission wants.

During the first racial justice and equality town hall meeting Tuesday night, community leaders and Lexingtonians focused on racial equality, education and economics.

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“So that we can do something, create something that’s sustainable. That really gets people invested and involved to continue to move forward,” Mayo says.

Leaders say there are three main goals they want to see in schools: Close a racial education gap, show community support for students, and financially support programs that can help teachers and students.

Community activist Devine Carama says he’s seen what can happen when those goals are achieved, as a father and as someone who works with young people.

He says, “from what they’re taught, from what they’re not taught, to some of the walls that can be destroyed when they’re young so that when they grow up some this systemic mind states don’t exist.”

Carama says some of the demands he’s hearing from people, the mayor’s commission has already discussed.

He wants everyone to use their voice now.

“Now is the time to get the people behind those demands, get them organized, and it’s time to present them to the powers to be. It’s time.”

Carama says now is time for action, with a lot of pressure on leaders to make change.