“Don’t Die of Doubt:” 911 calls drop for heart problems during pandemic

American Heart Association urges people to call 911 for heart problems

American Hearth Association

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – WTVQ ABC 36 News recently reported a new study showing calls to 9-1-1 from people experiencing heart problems dropped drastically in Kentucky during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Don’t die of doubt’ — that’s the American Heart Association’s latest message to people who may be dealing with a heart issue.

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Right now, especially during the pandemic, it’s easy to have several doubts. Whether that’s doubting the symptoms really are a heart attack or stroke, or questioning whether it’s safe to go to a hospital.

“These health care facilities have done an outstanding job in being a safe place for medical care,” explained Joey Maggard with the American Heart Association in Lexington.

The harsh reality is every second counts and victims don’t have time to doubt.

“There’s no doubt you need to call 911,” stressed Maggard.

According to the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, in April, heart-related calls to 911 dropped 42% compared to the same time last year. The study found the drop was for both men and women.

The new campaign urges people to call 911 immediately if they believe they are suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

“Don’t die wondering if you should call 911 or don’t die wondering if you should call for your family. Call 911,” Maggard emphasized.

According to the AHA approximately every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. will have a heart attack and someone else will have a stroke.