Local coffee shop raising funds for competitors


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)– The region has seen a number of small businesses forced to close their doors because of COVID-19.

But one small business is doing what it can to make sure it along with its competitors avoid that fate.

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Zack Joseph, with A Cup of Commonwealth, says during the shutdown of non-essential businesses, coffee shops were hit hard. Regulars didn’t need that morning coffee they usually got on the way to work.

“The first few months that was difficult and now I think the community is getting used to this new normal of how you can interact with each other,” says Joseph.

Now as coffee shops open back up things are still hard. But A Cup of Commonwealth is stepping up to help their colleagues and competitors.

“Some of our baristas started thinking about how some of the other coffee shops may be dealing with hardships, especially with being closed for a couple months. So we have a couple of t-shirts that say coffee family. One says Lexington coffee that we sell online and in our coffee shops. And if customers buy those shirts, they go towards proceeds we’re sharing with the other coffee shops in Lexington,” Joseph says.

The t-shirt fundraiser is an important way the business can step up and help.

“I think in general we lift each other up and whatever coffee shops you have in a city, I think they should support each other because there’s plenty of people in Lexington for the amount of coffee shops there are and so for us that only helps when other shops are doing well and growing,” Joseph concluded.