WATCH: 5 arrested during Black Lives Matter protest, police say


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Protesters are angry after Lexington Police arrested several Saturday afternoon at a Black Lives Matter protest downtown.

Police say the five people arrested were Jesus Gonzazles Jr., April Taylor, Precious Taylor, Sarah Williams and James-David Woodhead. They say charges include disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, resisting arrest and disregarding a traffic device.

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Officers say they were arrested for blocking traffic after officers say they told protesters they couldn’t march in the street.

ABC 36’s Bobbi McSwine was there and moments before they were arrested, protesters were walking across Main Street in what appears to be the crosswalk.

Another moment captured was the arrest of another man showing police taking him to the ground.

Tiffany Cooper is one of the main protest organizers, she says she’s disappointed by today’s arrests and says it felt like an attack on the movement.

“It gets to where it just makes you so emotional because every day they continue to do things to silence us to do things that police officers are not supposed to do.”

Cooper says the momentum isn’t dying though.

Protesters from the University of Kentucky also joined Saturday’s march.

Khari Gardner is a student there and he started “Movement for Black Lives UK” about a month ago. He says their demands are similar to the Black Lives Matter demands and so he wanted to come out in solidarity.

One of those demands is to defund the university’s police department.

Members of United Campus Workers of Kentucky were also in attendance. Brenna Foley is a graduate worker at the University of Kentucky. She says the union wants to see the administration address racial injustice, bring back furloughed workers, take a pay cut to help with budget shortfalls and classes to be online this fall.