Lexington, other police departments are hiring


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After seeing a record number of officers retiring in June, Lexington is joining a number of smaller area towns in hanging out the “Help Wanted” sign for new police officers.

But Lexington and the other departments stress it’s not just any job.

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Men and women ages 21-36 with an interest in serving the community are encouraged to submit their application for Lexington Police openings by the Aug. 11 deadline at www.joinlexpolice.com.

“Law enforcement is a challenging and rewarding career,” Chief Lawrence Weathers said. “We’re looking for applicants who care about people, care about this city, and want to make a difference. Lexington Police has high expectations of its officers as we serve all of Lexington-Fayette County with compassion and integrity.”

No prior law enforcement experience is required.

Last week, police agencies told WTVQ ABC 36 News they feared filling open positions would be difficult because of the current climate and attitude toward police. That is a problem that has been increasingly facing law enforcement agencies across the country for the last decade.

In its notice, the Lexington department said it seeks diversity in its applicants that “reflects the great community we are called upon to serve. Those with varying skill sets, backgrounds, and life experiences who are committed to service should consider applying with the Lexington Police Department,” the city said.

Selected candidates from this current hiring process will enter the Lexington Police Training Academy in Spring 2021.

The training academy is an extensive 32-week program covering law, community policing, de-escalation and response to resistance techniques, crisis intervention, and many other topics. After graduation, officers complete a 15-week field training program and receive annual in-service training.

“Lexington Police is a nationally accredited agency. We are committed to providing tools, training, and services to help our officers be successful in the field while maintaining a healthy work-life balance,” Weathers said.

All applicants must take a written exam, physical fitness test, and a panel interview. Testing begins next week, with several dates available. Detailed information about the Lexington Police hiring process is available at www.joinlexpolice.com.

Several smaller towns also have announced hiring. Some are filling positions funded by COPS grants announced in May to fund new officers for a variety of purposes.