Corbin nursing home reports five coronavirus deaths


CORBIN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Five patients have died at the Christian Health Center in Corbin, the center announced Tuesday afternoon.

The center recently announced 47 residents and eight staff members had tested positive for the disease. And now it has announced the five deaths.

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The Laurel County Health Department is not yet reporting the deaths, according to its Web site.

That site listed 180 total cases ever reported in the county with 108 still ative and three deaths. That was updated Tuesday afternoon.

In its statement, the center said it continues to work with the Kentucky Department of Public Health and local health departments on the outbreak.

“Today the Knox County Health Department will report five deaths in Knox County who were residents of the Christian Health Center. Prevention and safety protocols were put in place months ago as guided by the Centers for Disease Control and the KDPH. Staff continues to work closely with local and state epidemiologists to support recovery,” the center said in a statement.

“Any death is a tragedy and the loss is felt by family, friends and our staff. The Christian Health Center is a critical part of our regions healthcare system and we appreciate the support and prayers from the community as we work diligently to combat the virus,” said Mary Lynn Spalding, CEO & President of Christian Care Communities.

Of the five deaths, four were previously hospice or comfort care before contracting the virus which allows for caring for any pain and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. All were over age 85 and had advanced heart failure or advanced Alzheimer’s disease, the center said.

The fifth resident was 96 years old and had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. All five residents and families were aware of their natural decline in health prior to the virus outbreak.

“It’s important the community has full information about the situation, especially in long-term care. While we all grieve the loss of these residents we find comfort in knowing that their passing was not directly attributed to this devastating virus,” said Janet Lovitt, Executive Director. Additional testing of residents and staff is ongoing.

“The dedication and hard work of the Christian Health Center is truly admirable. It is tragic to report any death, but we do recognize these residents had prior health conditions that contributed to their death rather than being directly related to the virus. We feel it’s important the community stays well informed about the situation and our hearts are
with all of the families and staff,” said Rebecca Rains, Public Health Director form the Knox County Health Department.

Spalding went on to say, “As a faith-inspired team, we will most assuredly come out stronger on the other side of this and everyone has our commitment to always communicate transparently and be diligent in our care.”

Christian Health Center is located at 116 Commonwealth Ave. in Corbin, Ky. Christian Care Communities is Kentucky’s largest faith-inspired, non-profit provider of senior living communities and long-term care, offering nine locations across the Commonwealth including carefree senior living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, hospital to home care, day center programs for those living with Alzheimer’s, rehab services and more.