Parent weighs in on what next school year might look like in Fayette County


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – For most, what the next school year will look like is still a puzzle, and the same is true for Fayette County Public Schools.

It announced Wednesday it’s looking to begin classes the week of August 24, but to help figure out a plan of action, the district sent out a survey to parents for input.

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“Kids are gonna be kids,” says Aaron Kennedy. He has a daughter about to enter eighth grade at Beaumont Middle School in Fayette County.

“And the kids are gonna be so anxious to get back to school, I think that a lot of the rules are going to be broken,” he says.

Kennedy says if he has to choose one of the options given by the district, he votes for the one where kids can be in school for two days and be online for three. However, he says he would like school to start in September instead of August.

He says that option is the safest, while also allowing his daughter learn in-person, but he has concerns.

“The thing that I don’t like with the online thing is if the kids have questions,” Kennedy says. He says it was hard at times to get in touch with his daughter’s teachers this past semester, and says it caused her grades to drop. His daughter, Ayrianna Kennedy, agrees.

“I didn’t really like it because it was harder,” says Ayrianna. “I’m more of a visual, up- close learner – not really over the computer.”

Though Kennedy says sanitizing the school and having kids wear masks is good, he says it goes beyond personal hygiene and extends to the technology kids carry in their pockets.

“They touch everything and then they touch these cell phones,” Kennedy says. “If they can eliminate the cell phone thing, it would make me feel more comfortable.”

But Kennedy says he knows that might be a stretch. He says he knows re-opening schools won’t be an easy process, but it’ll all come together in the end if everyone is patient.

“Time heals all wounds, and if people just do what they’re supposed to do and just give it time, I think we’ll get over this.”

The survey expires July 12, to take it, click here.