Booker-McGrath race tightens heading into Tuesday primary


LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)- If there was ever a sign the Charles Booker-Amy McGrath race was close, it would be this: The number of high profile Democrats voicing their support for Booker and McGrath’s sudden change in political ads, going from a moderate-bipartisan candidate to a more progressive one.

Despite Booker’s surge the past few weeks, ABC 36 political analyst Stephen Voss said this could still be McGrath’s race.

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“Booker clearly has ignited a fire. He’s got lots of the politically hardcore active people excited about his candidacy, but we have very little information about how much of that is filtered to the rank of file voters, who are going to be making the real numbers on election day,” said Voss.

Voss said the lack of door-to-door polling during this election makes it hard to get an accurate read on the race. Voss said McGrath could still lead and win because there may be voters who preferred Booker, but picked McGrath when it was assumed she’d win. He said the other factor potentially in her favor is the limited polling sites causing a huge inconvenience for urban and minority voters.

“Traveling a mile in Louisville takes a lot long than traveling a mile on some rural road where there are five cars, so as you add a half-mile, a mile, two miles, three miles to the distance people have to travel to drop off their ballot box in a city you are dis-empowering them,” said Voss.

While Voss said Kentucky has made it as convenient as possible for voters to cast their ballot early, he thinks the history from other states show these elections may not lead to higher voter turnout with urban and minority voters.

“There is a scientific record from other states. What we see is that most of those convenience voting reforms that Kentucky’s trying actually empower people of higher socioeconomic status,” said Voss.

Because there’s not enough date, Voss isn’t confident in picking a winner in this race. Whoever does win, will have an uphill battle to beat Mitch McConnell. Voss believes the November race will be determined by the statues of the U.S. economy.

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