Almost a year since mom of three becomes a victim of gun violence


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – While the world has been coming together to support racial equality and justice, gun violence remains a topic pushed aside in the discussions, at least for now. But some families live with it and its impact every day.
Lucy Jones lost her granddaughter to it.

It has been almost a year since 30-year-old LaPorscha Stringer, a mother of three, was shot and killed in her car in front of Fayette mall, her family is no closer to having the answers they need to move on.

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Lucy Jones, Stringer’s grandmother, says the family continues every day to fight the last scars.

Stringer’s 13-year-old son has been dealing with depression and anger, so much so that he was put into a facility for help, some of it is just emotional pain.

“The girls, they go on their moms old Instagram account and look at the memories there and cry and it hurts me to my heart to see them do that but there’s nothing i can do about it,” Jones says.

She says she can’t sleep at night knowing her granddaughter’s killer is still out there.

“We can’t give up,” Jones says. “We have to put into the lords hand and keep going forward. Let him handle it because eventually someone will get caught.”

Jones says she visits the police station every Tuesday to ask if there are any updates and she says every time the answer is the same, they are continuing to investigate and they will not give up.

She says their families grief has turned into anger, they just want justice.

“It’ll be a year august 23rd and this is just not acceptable,” Jones says.

Lexington police declined an interview about the case but a spokesperson said they do continue to actively investigate.

And now Mayor Linda Gorton has just signed a proclamation declaring the week of June 21st to the 27th as Gun Violence Victims Awareness Week.

Jylan Ross is the one who submitted this proclamation request in the hopes that families who have lost someone to gun violence step up and tell their stories.

“As a black man, I feel proud to do something so amazing for my community because i’m a person who cares for everyone. No matter what the color of your skin is, no matter the gender, I love everyone,” Ross says.