606 Productions creates documentary for Powell County High School seniors


STANTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – 2020 has been a difficult year with a coronavirus pandemic disrupting lives and businesses, and a new generation protesting for racial justice and equality but beyond those daily headlines, a group of high school seniors and their families are getting something special from a previous era this week.

“We just really started hitting record.”

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When Powell County High School reached out to Jon Skidmore, the owner of 606 Productions about filming graduation, he wanted to do something more to tell the story of their senior year.

The result is a 45-minute long documentary telling the story of how difficult the experience has been on the class of 2020 and how hard staff worked to help them.

“We just started hitting that button and we filmed everything from how they ended up doing honors night, to the support a senior, which they called SOS, so every Friday seniors would pull in they would give them certain gifts,” Skidmore says, “like things from prom that they’re not going to get like prom glasses and their tassels for graduation and then also the biggest thing that shocked me is the food delivery and how they handled that.”

Skidmore says his favorite part of the documentary is hard work and innovation that went into making it a positive, special senior year, despite the headaches.

“The people that put their heart and soul into this process to make sure these kids are took care of in these uncertain times. It’s just truly amazing,” Skidmore says.

He says he hopes people will see how the Powell County community came together and together is truly part of the final touch.

Students and their families will watch the documentary on Wednesday and the public is invited to watch it on Thursday at Judy Drive-in in Mt. Sterling.

An experience that truly carries from one generation to the next.