Protestors demand a Lexington park be renamed due to slave auction history


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A packed day of demonstrations across the state ends with a ninth night of protests for racial justice in Lexington, but a new demand is added to the list.

Protest organizers are demanding that Cheapside Park in downtown Lexington be renamed because of its history as a slave trading auction.

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This addition comes the same week the University of Kentucky announced it will officially remove a mural from its grounds that depicts slavery.

At the start of Saturday night’s protest, organizers listed some of their demands, including more personal accountability for police. They say they want to see an end to police brutality no matter how long it takes.

Myana Carter and Kaitlyn Hoard were at the protest. They say they envision a future where it will no longer be necessary.

“It’s definitely surreal to be a part of this,” said Hoard. “I’m just glad that I can come in and do my part, and hopefully we can do something about this racial injustice, and hopefully someday we won’t have to worry about this anymore,” Carter said.

They both say it’s the perfect time to add in the demand to rename Cheapside Park.

Organizers say a video will be released tomorrow afternoon, with detailed examples of police brutality, along with a nine page document for the public.