North Hardin’s Jordan Lovett commits to Kentucky, talks why he chose to be a Cat

The three-star safety is Kentucky's fourth, top-10 ranked recruit to commit for the class of 2021



Three-star North Hardin safety Jordan Lovett has committed to Kentucky. It’s becoming a trend now for the football cats. Not only are they getting good recruits, but they are locking down the state of Kentucky. Four of the top 10 class of 2021 recruits have committed to Kentucky. That is among several reasons why Lovett is coming to Lexington.

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“I committed to UK because first off, they’re a great school and the players at my position who get sent to the league and I’m all about going to the next level in life,” Lovett said.

“Third, it’s a family environment. I already knew some of the players before I even came on campus. With Lavell, Dekel, Jager…Jager’s gonna commit, but Lavell, Dekel and all the other guys committing I already knew so it was like I might as well, right?”

He’s got one more reason as well…and who can blame him?”

“It was closest to my mom because I’m a Momma’s boy, right? I figured out she was staying Kentucky so I really wanted to stay home.”

Lovett knows his stuff. The Cats sent pretty much their entire secondary to the NFL in 2019. Even with their youth last season, they were one of the top secondaries in the country last season and Lovett loves that.

“I think Kentucky was number one in the country for paso g touchdowns allowed. So that really like hit it off for me. Because I’m a defensive guy, and when you see defensive stats like that it’s a major key.”

You don’t have to look into Lovett’s stats too long to see what he does best. He had 15 interceptions last season. That easily led the state.

“Interceptions. That’s one word to describe me, interceptions because I’d rather…look I like hitting people, but I’d rather intercept the ball than anything.”

Is it a gift to be able to be a ball hawk like that? Well, the old football stereotype is if you’re a skill guy and can’t catch, then you play defense. Lovett’s case is the exact opposite thanks to his head coach Brent Thompson.

“It’s not a gift. Look I’ll tell you this, my whole sophomore year, really my whole life, I played wide receiver. And then like I said, once again Coach T decided to move me to DB my junior year because he felt like it was a better fit. And I feel like me being a wide receiver really nurtured my game as a DB and I made more interceptions.”

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