Lexington National Cemetery, others not doing traditional Memorial Day events


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Lexington Cemetery and the Lexington National Cemetery will not host its traditional patriotic memorial observation this year.

National cemeteries across the country, including all others in Kentucky, are abiding by the same guidelines and not having traditional Memorial Day observations. Some are doing simple wreath-laying activities.

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“Please take the time privately to remember and honor the men and women who served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy freedom,” the cemetery staff said.

The history of the Lexington National Cemetery as a final resting place for war dead dates back to the Civil War.

When the war ended, the The Lexington Cemetery donated the lot where Union dead were buried to the United States government, which purchased an adjoining 16,111 square feet on July 1, 1867.

This led to the site being designated as The Lexington National Cemetery.

Later, The Lexington Cemetery set aside a lot next to The Lexington National Cemetery and designated it a section for veterans.