Infectious disease director tests positive for coronavirus


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WTVQ) – The head of infectious diseases at the Med Center in Bowling Green has tested positive for COVID-19 as the disease continues to spread rapidly through the Warren County area.

While state wide the number of new cases appears to have plateaued, health care leaders note that is not the case in the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) and particularly in Warren County/

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Gov. Andy Beshear Governor has recognized this sharper increase during his last several briefings, and the state continues to work with local officials to increase testing capabilities in the area.

While more testing accounts for some increase in reporting, Med Center Health is admitting a rising number of COVID-19 patients at its Bowling Green campus which confirms that Warren and surrounding counties are
experiencing an increase in the prevalence of the virus.

And i is hitting home in the health care field.

“COVID-19 does not discriminate in its ability to penetrate our homes and
communities. I tested positive for the virus yesterday and have been admitted to the hospital,” said Dr. Rebecca Shadowen, head of Infectious Diseases, Travel Medicine, and Healthcare Epidemiology at Med
Center Health.

Shadowen said she thinks she contracted the virus through community acquired exposure after an elderly family member received care at home from an infected caregiver.

“I do not believe I contracted the virus while working in the hospital. Our staff, myself included, have meticulously followed all personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines,” Shadowen said.

“I cannot emphasize enough that COVID-19 is now widespread in our communities.”

“The increase is concerning. Dr. Shadowen has been steadfast in her plea for all of us to practice social distancing, good hand hygiene and appropriate masking to prevent the spread of the virus,” stated Connie Smith, president and CEO of Med Center Health.

“As many of our workplaces and businesses reopen, it is critical we all remain diligent in following the guidelines to remain Healthy at Home and Healthy at Work,” Smith added.

“Dr. Shadowen felt it was important to share her story as a reminder
that this virus is now present throughout our communities and highly contagious. We appreciate her bravery and wish her a full and quick recovery!”