Driving Easter Egg hunts the next new thing


CAMPTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – First it was Teddy bears perched in windows, doors and other hiding places.

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And now that innovative way to occupy children during the days of isolation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has inspired a way for towns to continue the tradition of Easter egg hunts without breaking the rules of social distancing.

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And even if it leads to heavy traffic on streets in some communities, that probably will be OK.

As an example, Campton in Wolfe County is distributing blank Easter egg designs and encouraging businesses and

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individuals to color them and post them in windows, on doors or even from trees between April 10 and April 12.

Kids of all ages then can drive around “hunting” for Easter eggs. Families can make up their own games for their

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driving hunt or even in cases where children can walk with their parents through neighborhoods without violating social distancing.