Church finds innovative way to carry on Easter egg hunt


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The coronavirus has made groups, businesses, churches and individuals alike come up with unique and innovative ways to stay connected.

With Easter right around the corner, people can’t gather with friends and family in the traditional ways. Centerpointe Christian Church in Lexington still wants to continue some traditions.

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The church has “hidden” 27 virtual eggs along Leestown Road and throughout downtown Lexington.
Family pastor Lane Hassloch says the church tries to continue to do things in the community, even during this time of isolation.

“Jesus was very practical in meeting the needs of the people and we want to do the same thing. I mean we really feel like the church, in a sense the body of Christ, we are Christ here on earth. The soul is going to be touched by Christ, is going to be through us. and so we thought what a practical way this is and the family can have fun. we’re not asking them to give anything, we’re not asking anything from them just to have a great time,” Hassloch said of the motivation behind the virtual egg hunt.

The church has three different versions of the virtual Easter egg hunt. The first one is for kids, the second one is for those who can walk or drive to the locations and grab a picture of the eggs, and the final version involves using the Lexington traffic cameras to find the eggs.
Your name goes into a drawing for each egg you find and send a picture of to Centerpointe Christian Church.