Lexington closing more parks, outdoor areas


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The City of Lexington is adding to the list of areas it’s closing to keep the coronavirus from spreading.

The spaces where people can get out and roam in Lexington is becoming a little more limited and Lexington’s mayor says that’s for everyone’s protection.

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Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton announced this morning that playgrounds, public restrooms in parks and parking lots next to parks in the city are now closed.

Shortly after the announcement the city started putting up signs at playgrounds and barricading parking lots.

This comes after the city closed all playing fields, basketball courts, golf courses and skate parks, along with McConnell Springs and Raven Run on Friday.

The newest closure doesn’t make some people happy, but they say they understand why it was done.

“It’s part of the social distancing measure, so I feel it’s necessary, but it kind of sucks because it’s just started getting beautiful out here and you know it’s a nice getaway, especially because I have classes going on and stuff,” said park visitor Peyton Mathis.

Gorton says these latest closures were needed because people are not practicing social distancing.

The mayor says for now the city’s parks will remain open as well as the city’s six dog parks.

Of course, that could change if the city sees large groups gathering there.

To check locations, visit www.lexingtonky.gov.